Do we need separate licences for each workstation in our clinic?

No. Unlike other dental software packages, you don’t pay per user with Ultimo. You can install Ultimo on as many workstations in your practice as you wish.

Do we need help setting up Ultimo on new workstations?

No – you can take care of it yourself in a matter of minutes. However, should you get stuck at any stage we’re always here to help.

Can our practice really go paperless with Ultimo?

We know it’s hard to imagine – but yes!

When you go Ultimo, you’ll have all the features and functionality you need to become a truly digital and environmentally responsible practice. From electronic patient forms, letters and referrals to digital imaging, electronic signature and integrated scanning, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

Is Ultimo a cloud solution?

Ultimo gives you the best of both worlds: advanced cloud connectivity with local network reliability.

This means your patient database sits on your local network (for maximum speed and reliability) while your patients can connect through the cloud to make appointments and access patient forms.

What does the Ultimo mobile application allow us to do?

The Ultimo mobile application allows you and your team to:

• View all appointments and personal schedules
• Call or email patients instantly from within the app
• Search your patient database
• Search pharmacies and access contact details

Can we migrate our patient data to Ultimo?

You sure can. We migrate precious patient information for dental practices every day – including name, address, contact details and date of birth. Often we can also transition data such as previous appointments, past procedures, clinical notes, images and documents.

We can convert you to Ultimo from any other dental practice management software and most other systems (including those no longer supported such as Dentrix and DOS based systems).

How can we be sure that our data will be converted successfully?

Ultimo gives you a no-obligation risk-free trial conversion. This allows you to preview your patient data in Ultimo in full working order.

Do you have a local helpdesk?

Absolutely. Our Australian-based helpdesk is only a phone call away. We can even access your IT environment remotely to diagnose and resolve most issues on the spot.

What training will we receive?

Ultimo offers onsite training to help your team make a quick transition from either another system or your clinic’s old manual processes.

How quickly will our team learn to use Ultimo?

You’ll be surprised how fast your team will pick it up. But as you would expect, some people need a little more hand-holding than others – and that’s exactly what we’re here for.

Our previous supplier no longer supports our current software. Will this happen with Ultimo?

Ultimo Dental is uniquely open source. This means that you will always be in control of your patient and business data. It also means you can continue using the software – and even access the program’s source code for migration purposes – no matter what the future holds.

Does Ultimo support electronic payments and health insurance claims?

Ultimo was the first dental software provider to support both HICAPS and TYRO health claims and EFTPOS payments. With Ultimo treatment plan quotations you can even tell your patients what their health fund rebates will be before they agree to treatment.

Does Ultimo work with our existing imaging and X-Ray software?

Ultimo integrates with more than 60 dental and dental imaging software programs. You can do this in one of two ways:
1. You can link through to the software bundled with your dental imaging device
2. You can acquire the image directly from the imaging device while bypassing its software altogether

Do we have to pay extra to link to our imaging software?

No. Ultimo does not charge for existing software links.

Do we have to use the software that comes with our X-Ray or intraoral camera?

With Ultimo, you can acquire an image from any device that has a TWAIN driver. Ultimo also allows you to acquire images from most intraoral dental cameras without a TWAIN driver through our image capture module.

How does Ultimo multi-clinic feature work?

Ultimo allows each of your practices to operate independently but cooperatively.

In other words, you can share, enter and access patient information for any practice – even if you’re based at another. So if your internet connection or phone lines go down, one of your other practices can take over remotely in an instant.

What are the other benefits of the multi-clinic feature?

With Ultimo, you can group and view patients, team members and appointment books by clinic or in a combined format at any time. You can also generate individual clinic reports – or analyse total business activity and performance when needed.

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